Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi Board.
Affiliation No.830733
   0821 - 2972289       +91 94806 67998
  Admissions open for 2024-2025 - Pre Nursery to 10th Standard (CBSE).         Rainbow Public School (RPS) Affiliated to CBSE board - Nursery to Grade 10


An environment which is conducive for learning : colourful, airy and bright classrooms are the hallmark of our institution. A blend of both learning equipment and presentation is used to develop the sensory skills of the child.

The RPS management and staff strive to provide the state of the art facilities at the school to enable the learning and activities without any hindarance.Timely intervention, routine maintenance keeps the facilities in the best shape.

Many things are well thought upon and are made available for the benefit of the children.

Well Built Class Rooms

public school in mysuru

Spacious, well lit, engineered for teaching and discussions and other class room activities.

Transport Facility

public school in mysuru

For safe and secured transportation we have school bus which travel in all the major routes in the city. For specific routes please free to enquire in the office.

Yoga Class

public school in mysuru

RPS provides indoor facility for regular practice of Yoga and other exercises with teachers guidance.

Excellent Learning Atmosphere

public school in mysuru

The large campus with well compounded and landscaping ensures the school activities are not disturbed by external things.

CCTV installed in entire school

public school in mysuru

For security reasons and as per directions of the Government we have installed CCTVs at all the important places.


public school in mysuru

Music system and other related equipments are provided for practising dance and other cultural activities.

E-learning and Digital teaching with smart class

public school in mysuru

With live content updates, videos and image tailored for advanced learning, we make best use of the technology in our teaching methodologies.

Telephone Access

public school in mysuru

The school staff can be accessed by telephone in any matters and students can reach to the parents in case of requirement during school hours.

Vast Playground

public school in mysuru

RPS has provided a vast play ground ear marked for sports and other out door activities. RPS encourage the sports and extra curricular activities as importantly as academics.


public school in mysuru

Well stocked with best children literature, science, fiction, non fiction and reference books RPS students have opportunity to explore the world sitting at the desk.

School Website

public school in mysuru

RPS maintains an active webiste where all the important, relevant, frequently needed info can be found. Happenings in school campus are regularly updated.

Assembly and Stage

public school in mysuru

A podium for addressing the assembly adds a different dimension for the gathering. RPS gives the exhilarating experience to each student.


public school in mysuru

Learning it live. RPS has excellent laboratories with all the special apparatus, chemicals, equipments and expert teachers to guide.

English Lab

public school in mysuru

Spoken english plays a vital role in todays life, we prepare the kids for english communication with special english lab.

Leadership Team Building

public school in mysuru

By house formation RPS builds the spirit of team building and healthy competition among the students. RPS teaches the students to appreciate best in each other.

Cultural Festival Celebrations

public school in mysuru

RPS encourages and teaches the importace and significance of the festivals and important happenings in the world .

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